With Canada having over 1 million small businesses and 43.8% of the country’s workforce working for these small businesses, it is safe to conclude that small businesses are indeed the backbone of Canada’s economy. Sadly enough, even with 93% of the Canadians using the internet for product information, e-commerce and mobile marketing are tools that are yet to be fully utilized. In the following read, you are provided with a list of benefits that small businesses stand to benefit from SEO.

Why you need SEO in Canada for your small business

1. User friendly website

Even though much emphasis is usually placed on links and content, there is need to point out that SEO is all about giving your visitors the best experience; this includes the appearance of the website. By having your site optimized, you will adopt a website design that is not only friendly but also keeps your visitors coming back.

2. Explore new markets

It is no secret that mobile market places and social media platforms can take your traffic levels to a whole new level. And with increased traffic comes increased sales. However, without SEO, it would be impossible for you to enjoy any of these benefits. What’s even better is the fact that the online world is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world today, failing to establish yourself as an authority early enough won’t do you any good.

3. Competitive edge

As much as most small businesses in Canada aren’t making the most of SEO, it goes unsaid that the few that have optimized sites are making a kill. Therefore, to ensure that you not only get to serve your offline market but also cross over to an online market, you stand to gain much. Plus, taking your business online will only increase your chances of becoming a success compared to the other business that have utilized low-cost SEO services.


SEO and Small Businesses

SEO and Small Businesses


The above are just but a few of the many benefits that small businesses in Canada stand to gain from SEO. Still, it goes unsaid that not every SEO agent in Canada is as good as the next. Reason why you need tips on how to choose the best SEO consultant;

Content marketing

The SEO company that you choose should have an in-depth understanding of content marketing. This is mainly because SEO is no longer about building links but more about providing useful and relevant information for visitors


There is a thin line between affordability and cheapness, be sure to get the difference. Keep in mind that going for the cheapest SEO agent won’t guarantee you quality services and neither will going for the most expensive services guarantee you the best quality.

No promises

No one can guarantee or promise results in search engines. With this said, avoid agents that try to lure you in with promises and guarantees.


If a company doesn’t have anything to hide then why should it leave out any information? Always ask yourself this question when looking for a competent SEO company.

Small businesses in Canada definitely need to realize the untapped potential that is the online business world. Hopefully, the tips provided above on finding the best SEO in Canada will be a stepping stone to the success of Canada’s small businesses.