If you are in the process of planning a vacation, your first thought for accommodations might be to look for a hotel. Although there are certainly a lot of nice hotels out there, however, you might want to consider one other potential option: a short term apartment rental at www.maryamsuites.com. Believe it or not, renting an apartment for your vacation stay can be beneficial for many reasons.


Save Money

If you are only planning on staying in your travel destination of choice for a day or two, a hotel might be more cost-effective. If you are going to be staying there for a week or longer, however, an apartment rental could be a more affordable choice. Hotels charge by the night, and these fees can really add up over a number of days or weeks. If you choose to rent an apartment, however, you can often get a special deal by paying by the week or by the month. In fact, you might be surprised by just how much cash you can save this way.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Experience

Staying in a cramped hotel room can feel constricting and uncomfortable very quickly. If you are looking for a way to stretch out and really enjoy yourself, an apartment rental can be a far better option. Chances are good that you will have a lot more room, and your apartment will have a full-size kitchen in it, which makes it possible to cook your own meals and live much like you would if you were at home. An apartment rental can provide a lot more space for an individual or couple, but it can offer even more space if you are going to be traveling in a group or if you have children or a larger family.

Live Much Like the Locals Do

As long as you stay in a hotel on your vacation, you will have to live a lot like any other tourist does. Although this might not seem like a bad thing, you should consider opening your mind up to other experiences. With an apartment rental, you can live much like local individuals do. Apartment rentals are often located in a slightly different area of town, so you will be able to experience the city of Toronto that you are visiting much like the people who live there do on a daily basis. This can open you up to all new experiences.

Avoid the Tourist Crowd

Even though you might be a tourist yourself, you probably don’t want to deal with crowds of people checking in and out or hanging out at the hotel. Although crowding from tourists can be a major problem at popular hotels, you don’t have to worry about it quite as much when you choose to rent an apartment instead.

Enjoy Privacy

If you are heading off on vacation, you probably want to enjoy at least some privacy and quiet time. This can be tough to do if you are in a busy hotel, motel or resort, but things are sure to be quieter and more private if you choose to rent an apartment instead.