Taking care of your dog’s health should be a top priority for a pet owner. Preventive health care measures will allow you to have a healthy, happy pet that is free from diseases, aches and any such health issues.
We list the top 7 ways you can take care of your dog and ensure that your furry pet’s health is at its best – always.

Dog Healthcare Tip #1 – A protective and clean environment is a must for your dog.

A solid shelter that protects your pooch from the sizzling sun and/or the harsh winters is essential for a dog’s overall health. Make sure your pet is also protected from other hazards like wild animals (a coyote, for example) and fatal chemicals. Ensure your dog’s hygiene routine is at its best and provide it with a good quality life.

Dog Healthcare Tip #2 – Hydrate your dog.

Always provide clean water to your pet in a clean bowl that should be washed daily. This is a very basic requirement of owning and keeping a healthy pet, but many pet owners in their hectic lifestyles, tend to be careless and/or forgetful about something as simple as a clean water dish.
Hydrating your dog is very important for its health and energy; specially in the hot summer months.

Dog Healthcare Tip #3 – Annual wellness exams.

Get your dog examined from head to toe in an annual wellness exam by your local veterinarian. Dogs age much faster than humans and they might have developed some health problems or diseases in a year’s time that may not be visible at the present. But a good medical exam will reveal all issues and nip them in the bud.
Sick Dog

Dog Healthcare Tip #4 – Regular vaccinations.

For prevention against a zillion dog diseases and to avoid exorbitant veterinary clinic bills, get your pooch vaccinated regularly and frequently. Kennel cough, distemper and rabies can be avoided by vaccines and Lyme disease and canine flu can be averted by immunization.
Get your vet’s recommendations as to what vaccines should be prescribed as per your dog’s health and age.

Dog Healthcare Tip #5 – Groom your pet regularly.

Regular grooming is a must for fantastic dog health. Coat brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning are all part of a thorough dog grooming routine. Keep an eye out for ear infections. Sharp nails can cause an injury or can get stuck someplace. Daily fur brushing prevents mats and skin diseases from becoming worse before detection.

Dog Healthcare Tip #6 – Kill harmful parasites and keep your dog healthy.

Regularly use vet-recommended products to keep nasty parasites like heartworms, fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites from invading your beloved dog’s body.
Heartworms are usually transferred through a mosquito bite. Fleas and ticks can give your dog bad fur, cause excessive shedding and make him itch all over. Intestinal parasites usually lead to diarrhea and vomiting and can even contaminate the surrounding environment of your dog.
Take your pet to the vet at once if you suspect he is getting worse.

Dog Healthcare Tip #7 – Provide proper training.

A well-trained dog is a delight to have and can be a part of your family as a cherished member. If you have issues in training your dog, get him to an obedience training center, but do make sure he knows what’s right and what’s wrong and how to behave appropriately.
Remember – NEVER hurt or yell at your dog – that will only make it worse and you will frighten him enough to make him not listen to you at all!

Do keep these 7 golden healthcare tips in mind and follow them religiously to keep your lovely dog always feeling its best.
A healthy dog is a happy dog and a happy dog has a happy owner!