LED strip lights are becoming quite popular especially in these recent times. They are an endless source of interior design ideas due to their ability to link together, wide range of colors, and brightness. They have numerous benefits over both incandescent and florescent bulbs. Let’s look at what these LED strips are, their advantages, and where they can be applied.

What are LED Strip lights?

LED strip lights are chains of LED light which mostly come in a roll. Its light source is able to generate a range of colors and can be applied in almost every environment. You can cut the roll to any size you want and have a line of lights powered by either electricity supply or battery.

So, how do they produce light?

LED produces light through a solid material known as semiconductor. Compared to other types of bulbs which uses a metal filament that’s made of tungsten, and gas, LEDs tends to glow when you switch on the power source and electricity flows through the semiconductor. This happens because electrons in the semiconductor gets excited, making it produce energy in form of light. For these light strips, you will find that the LEDs are mounted together via an electrical wire.

What are the major benefits of LED strips?

There are a multitude of advantages when you decide to use LED strips. These are:

  • They are simple to install since the lights are chained together. You will easily put a row of lights in your building quickly and with little fuss.
  • These strips are adaptable for almost every task, from big to small applications. The beauty of it is that they can be tailored or manufactured to any lengths, a factor that allows you to install them in numerous situations.
  • Compared to other bulbs, LEDs tend to stay longer. Whilst fluorescent can go up to 10,000 hours, these strips can serve you a whooping 60,000 hours without the worry of replacing.
  • Color options are also something that many people applaud these LED lights for. From warm yellow, to white, to orange, you will be blown away by the numerous options that are available to choose from.
  • Thanks to the strong semiconductor material that is used to make LED strips, they cannot be broken even with a few small knocks. Unlike other bulbs, these lights are durable and hard to damage.
  • Because of the low amount of energy these lights consume, they will reduce your overall lighting costs significantly. When you adopt them over other types of bulbs you will save several bucks on the monthly bill.


Where can LED strips be applied?

These lights are used in many areas, including cars to provide extra illumination, overhangs to provide overhead lighting, night clubs to brighten up the place, and festive decorations.

It’s no secret that LED lights have revolutionized the lighting industry. The popularity of LED strips has continued to grow in these present times. If you are looking to light up an area using energy efficient lighting option, LED light strips can prove to be a great option for you. They come in different colors and can be applied in almost every environment imaginable.